Women are truly the epitome of strength, love, sacrifice and courage. From homemakers to CEOs, from life givers to life savers, they have strongly established their identity across various roles. Unfortunately, most often, women put their family’s needs ahead of their own wellbeing, and ignore several health issues. Today, more women than men suffer from chronic joint pain, which can be debilitating and severely impact the quality of life. Basic movements such as walking up a flight of stairs or sitting in a low chair, can become obstacles. This Women’s Day, let us focus on the needs of women and take steps to ensure a better quality of life for them.

Why are women more likely to face chronic pain?

Hormones, body build, emotional factors, osteoporosis and excessive household chores can over time result in knee pain and pain in other joints. Women also commonly suffer from pelvic pain of unknown origin, dysmenorrhea, sciatica and mechanical back pain.

How can women protect their joints and prevent pain?

It is very important for women to start taking care of themselves by eating calcium rich food, maintaining good Vitamin D levels and following a healthy lifestyle. They should avoid excessive walking and exercise only as much as their body permits. Those suffering from chronic pain must consult a doctor to identify the cause of pain and get appropriate treatment.

How are patients suffering from chronic pain treated?

Initially doctors advise pain killers and physiotherapy, which can provide temporary relief from symptoms. Conventionally, as the condition aggravated, the patient is advised to undergo knee replacement surgery. Regenerative therapy is a new emerging branch which deals with repairing and regenerating worn-out tissues using one’s own blood.

How does regeneration therapy work?

Regeneration therapy facilitates regeneration of worn-out tissues, ensuring pain relief. Human blood has many growth factors present in platelets. When injected into the torn tissue, it helps promote healing and regenerate new healthy tissue. The entire process takes around three months and offers good results.

Some important tips to keep yourself healthy

  • Keep a check on lifestyle
  • Concentrate on keeping weight on check
  • Stretching exercises
  • Avoid strenuous exercises like excessive walking, treadmill, household chores
  • Do activities till your body allows to do
  • Keep your bones healthy by maintaining vitamin D and Calcium levels
  • Regular Medical Health Check up every 6 month


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