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  • I was suffering with severe neck pain since last 7years , hav all type of physiotherapy and massages and chiropractor but no relief then I met Dr Sudheer and Dr minal at this center…

    Dava Ramesh

  • Very good doctor. Suffering from knee pain from last 4 years and didn’t want to get a surgery. They treated my knee pain with out surgery with stem cell therapy. I am very happy with the results.

    Meghana Reddy

  • By far the best pain management specialists in town. After consulting several places with no effect, Epione made sure that they treated my mother’s delicate pain condition with patience…

    Deepthi K

  • I am very thankful to doctors in Epione pain management center. My neck pain has gone which I was fighting since last 4 years . Dr sudhir Dara and dr minal have helped me come out…

    Sanjana Tirkey


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  • I finally got relief from my back pain thanks to Epione

    Mrs. Aswathi Subramanyan

    Back Pain Treatment
  • Dr Sudheer cured me from knee pain due to arthritis

    Mrs. Padmaja

    Knee Pain Treatment
  • I suffered from foot pain for 5 years but finally found pain relief at Epione

    Mr. BVS Prasad

    Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment
  • I can’t believe I got relieved of my back pain in a single day

    Mr. Sreekanth

    Back Pain Treatment

What is Achilles tendinitis?

Painful condition of achilles tendon due to inflammation seen in sports injuries, due to overuse of muscles, direct trauma. It is usually seen in jumpers and trekkers. Patients will have pain at the back of ankle joint, in the calcaneum bone, all along the achilles muscle. Other signs like tenderness, warmth may also be present. Treatment in form of rest, pain killers, ultrasonic waves, electrical stimulation, regenerative therapy, stretching exercises.

What is plantar fasciitis?

It is a painful condition of the sole where the fascia is thickened or degenerated leading to pain in sole. Pain is burning in nature usually the first step in the morning is extremely painful and worsens on walking and movements. Ultrasound guided diagnosis of plantar fascia thickness and integrity has recently been developed as newer modality. Ultrasound guided injections at the point of maximum thickness is given which will allow for early healing of the fascia. Platelet rich plasma therapy is the recent development which aids in early healing of the fascia.

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