What is Vertebroplasty?

Vertebreae may weaken due to diseases like osteoporosis or bone tumors. As they weaken , they can then collapse spontaneously or by trivial trauma .vertebral compression fractures can be often highly painful and can significantly affect the quality of life .

Vertebroplasty is minimally-invasive, image-guided treatment to stabilize the spine and to relieve pain caused by the vertebral compression fractures.

When a vertebra breaks, it compresses, narrowing the space around the spinal cord. This can cause discomfort. An acrylic cement mixture is injected into the damaged vertebra during vertebroplasty. The cement mixture fills in and reinforces the damaged vertebra to ease the pain.

When is Vertebroplasty Performed?

Vertebroplasty can be performed when,

  • Spinal tumours weaken the bones in the spine, increasing the risk for compression fractures. Vertebral compression fractures happen when bones in the spine become weak.
  • Osteoporotic vertebral fracture
  • The bones get weaker due to a lack of minerals
  • Before a surgical operation, a vertebral bone or many vertebrae are reinforced.
  • Bone death due to necrosis
  • A person is too frail, or his bones are too weak for open surgery.

How can you Prepare Yourself for Vertebroplasty?

You can get ready for vertebroplasty by doing the following:

  • • Answering all questions regarding your medical history and current drugs. Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, herbal therapies, and vitamins are all included. A current list of your medical conditions, medications, and allergies should be carried with you.
  • Organizing a ride home
  • Before vertebroplasty, follow all dietary and drinking directions.
  • Taking or discontinuing drugs according to the instructions. Not taking aspirin, ibuprofen, or blood thinners is one example.

How is Vertebroplasty Performed?

Vertebroplasty is just an hour long if it is for one vertebra.

During the procedure, with a local anaesthetic injection, the doctor numbs the skin and muscles. Then, a needle is inserted through the skin and into the damaged spinal vertebra. Real-time X-rays guide proper needle placement, and medical-grade cement is injected into the vertebra. Within 15 to 20 minutes, the cement hardens.

How Long Does it Take?

It takes 30-45 minutes, after which the patient is kept under observation.

What to Expect after Vertebroplasty?

Vertebroplasty can provide instant pain relief for some patients, but it can also cause a transient increase in back discomfort or pain at the injection site. The patient is advised to apply cold packs to relieve pain and take their pain medicine as prescribed by their doctor. It is also recommended to take complete bed rest for 24 hours. It could take up to three days to be completely pain-free.