Non Surgical Regenerative Therapy for Hip Joint

Plasma Therapy for Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis can make it difficult to bend your hip joints. Once the cartilage in your hips degenerate, each bone will rub against the other bone, resulting in a lot of pain. You may have difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, or rotating your hips.

How does Plasma Therapy Help?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be an excellent choice for treating hip arthritis. Plasma therapy helps in the following ways:

  • PRP is platelet rich plasma. these platelets have many growth factors which causes inflammation at the injection site, helps in repairing & regenerating the damaged cartilage, thus provides a long-lasting pain relief
  • It reduces inflammation, & prevents the progression of osteoarthritis
  • Plasma therapy naturally increases the lubricating fluid in the joint, thus prevents the friction between the bones, in return reduces the pain.

Plasma therapy is being prepared from patient’s own blood, (homologous blood), it is a kind of NATURAL THERAPY and No implant is kept in the joint, so your natural joint remains a NATURAL.

How is it Done at EPIONE?

At EPIONE, this procedure is done using both high-definition ultrasound & fluoroscopic imaging techniques. This ensures the safe & accurate injection of the plasma which increases the success rate of the procedure and hence yields good results. At epione, our doctors are uniquely specialized in this advanced pain management techniques and also deliver comprehensive & compassionate care to all the patients.